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Debt Review Applications

We assist National Credit Regulator (“NCR”) registered Debt Counsellors with bringing Magistrate’s Court Applications to declare a consumer overindebted and to obtain a restructuring court order. We can also assist with variations in respect of granted court orders. We have jurisdiction in the following courts: Pretoria Central, Pretoria North, Cullinan and Bronkhorstspruit.

Sequestration Applications

Voluntary sequestration is the voluntary surrendering of your estate. In the event that you do not qualify for Debt Review or elect to voluntarily surrender your estate, we can assist you to have a large portion of your debt written off by bringing an application in the High Court to declare your estate insolvent. This will bring relief from creditor harassment as each creditor may receive their benefit from your insolvent estate. A curator is appointed to assist in the management of your estate.

Rehabilitation Orders

Rehabilitation is the process after a sequestration order was successfully obtained, whereinafter we revert to the High Court to restore your legal status to that of solvent. Rehabilitation relieves you from the implications of being insolvent and restores your ability to become a credit worthy consumer. Once the court order is granted, a new credit record needs to be build up again and you can start afresh.

Blacklisting Removals

If you have a blacklisting against your name with the credit bureaus and you have settled the debt, but the listing remains on your credit profile, we can assist you to have the listing successfully removed.

Correspondent Services

We are ideally situated in Pretoria East and we can therefore assist colleagues with matters in the following courts: High Court of Pretoria, Magistrate’s Court Pretoria Central, Magistrate’s Court of Mamelodi, Magistrate’s Court of Atteridgeville, Magistrate’s Court Pretoria North, Magistrate’s Court Cullinan, Magistrate’s Court BronkhorstspruitAll our correspondent services are done on the relevant court tariff scale.  

Liquor Licence Services

We assist establishments to apply for liquor licenses in terms of the Liquor License Act, for example restaurants, pubs, hotels, coffee shops, dance halls, liquor stores and alike. We can further assist with the transfer of existing licenses to new owners or premises and we can obtain annual renewals for existing license holders. Our team has helped several distributors to register with the National Liquor Authority as well. Apart from the services already mentioned, we also assist micro manufactures and distilleries to become compliant.

About Us

Carna Labuschagne, a vibrant female attorney and entrepreneur, is the dynamic professional responsible for founding this sensational firm. Our practice is founded on three principles: trust, reliability, and openness. In the past few years, Carna has owned and managed multi-disciplinary entities, including a law firm and a legal compliance business among others.

Carna started her career in general practice in 2017 and soon shifted to Consumer Law with a special interest in Credit Law. Her passion for justice and equality among the stakeholders in the credit industry, is what encouraged her to shift her focus to debt relief measures imposed by the National Credit Act as well as the Insolvency Act.

As a result, our firm’s main focus is assisting NCR registered Debt Counsellors to obtain restructuring court orders for overindebted consumers, including reckless lending court applications.

We also offer Liquor Licensing for new establishments, transfer of existing licenses to new owners and annual license renewals for Pretoria and Johannesburg. Please contact us if your enquiry relates to a premises outside Gauteng as we have a vast network of consultants who may be able to assist you.

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